Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Love LOST!!

I can't wait for it to come on tonight, but seriously, watching it on TV is driving me nuts!! You see, I have seen every episode of every season, but I have never watched it on TV. Mr. D and I are usually too busy to even know what day of the week it is, let alone remember what time and day a show comes on. So every year around Christmas time when the DVD's come out, we just buy them and then sit down and have a little LOST veg out session for a few days and it is FABULOUS!! The shows are set up so well and they leave you with so many unanswered questions every episode that watching them on DVD is really (I think) the better way to go with this show. As soon as it ends, we are so quick to hit the play next episode button because, you do even have time for a bathroom break!

We. Are. Addicted. :)

Since everything is changing so much, we didn't want to wait another year before we saw what was going to happen so we are making a serious effort to remember when the show comes on so we can watch it. We haven't missed an episode yet, but every time it ends, Mr. D usually says something to the likes of, "But I'm not ready for it to end. PLAY NEXT EPISODE!" Haha.. and I am usually sitting right next to him totally agreeing. We are pathetic, eh? (That's for you Cheryl)

After the first of the year, while we were still on Christmas break from school, we were at the mall and found these awesome LOST puzzles!

They are each 1,000 pieces and they DO NOT show you what the puzzle looks like at all. Let me just say that they were pretty hard. This was my first experience with doing a puzzle without knowing what the finished product would look like. The store only had the first 3 puzzles.. so we purchased all 3!

Puzzle #1 was all about the hatch.

Puzzle #2 was all about the Others

Puzzle # 3 had the numbers theme.
Please ignore the missing piece on the left hand side (which has now been found) it somehow found its way under my couch cussion. Seriously?! Was my frist response when I found it because I have no idea how it got there! Serisouly!

We can't wait to do puzzle #4, we are just waiting to find it! Until then my friends... I'll have to settle for the one hour a week I get for one of my favorite shows ever!


Pink Bliss said...

I love LOST!! I didnt know about these puzzles!!

d.a.r. said...

I adooorreeee LOST! I watched the first few seasons on DVD, too, and it is sooo impossible to sit through commercials now and have to wait for the next week. Talk about torture!

The Ratcliffs said...

thats awesome!!! I love puzzles! I'm totally addicted! and I used to love LOST, but gave up on it 2 seasons ago. My hubby wants to start watching it again, but I'm on the fence : )

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