Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's almost his birthday!!

Tomorrow, February 12, is Mr. D's birthday!! :) Yay! I love birthdays and I can't wait for midnight to get here so I can give him his present! He still has to go to work but I am going to do a little baking tomorrow and take it up to his work for everyone to enjoy. I'm such a good wife right? Haha. So we aren't really doing much tomorrow since Mr. D has to work, we will probably just go out to dinner.

The real party is on Friday. :)

Two of Mr. D's friends also share February birthdays (one just so happens to be today - Happy Birthday) so I have organized a best friend birthday party for the three of them! I'm such a good friend too? Haha.. just kidding. Back to the birthday party details - we are going to Hyena's Comedy Club in Dallas to see Tom Rhodes perform.

This is Tom Rhodes :)

It is going to be their grand opening weekend for the Dallas location, and I am pretty excited! There will be 18 of us and after the show we are going to hit up the Dallas nightlife for some more birthday fun! I can't wait and I will post pictures!!

Do you all have any exciting Valentine's Day plans, or is it a surprise? I usually never know what we are doing for the holiday, I just go along for the ride. We tend to be a little low key on this holiday because on Valentine's Day, our anniversary will be only 9 days away!

We tend to celebrate that a little bit more. Humm, I wonder why? :)

This is going to be a pretty busy weekend for us, so I might be a little MIA. The lineup so far is as follows:
Friday - School, Birthday Party
Saturday - Valentine's Secret Plans
Sunday - Mr. D's Dad is coming to visit for the day!
Monday - Accounting Test - bleh!

What are your plans?


Lil' Woman said...


Lindsey said...

Sounds like a fun and busy week ahead!

Happy Birthday Mr. D!

Aliya said...

aww you're cute! Hubs & I both have birthdays next week! :)

Jacqueline said...

You and your husband are adorable! Happy Birthday Mr. D! Enjoy your weekend :)

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