Friday, March 27, 2009

Talking in your sleep

I had so much trouble getting up this morning! I don't know what is wrong with me, but I have been having trouble going to sleep lately. Well, I say lately.. more like the past. three. months! Yeah.. not cool! I will say that it is getting better, thanks to some sleeping medicine, but I'm really tired of it! no pun intended..

So moving on to last nights activities while I was trying to go to sleep:
1. I read my book until I was tired of reading
2. so then I started reading some boring news on my phone to try to make myself sleepy
3. as soon as I started to get tired, my cat started SNORING!!
4. not cute little kitty cat snoring, but full on human style snoring. (is this normal?)
5. once that calmed down, Goat (my other kitty) came to visit me for some attention
6. this was great until she kept head butting me in the face. (She head butts EVERYTHING - it's funny, but not last night)
7. when I turned to move her, she stuck her whiskers up my nose. Lovely.. thankyouverymuch!
8. so then the sneezing began for a little bit.
9. then my eye started to itch...
10. then I got hot.
12. then cold.. okay, I was getting frustrated now!
13. then my hubby started talking to me in his sleep!

It went a little something like this:

Hubs: (rolling over) "Get me some trash pans."
Me: ... "What? Why do you need trash pans?"
Hubs: "To stand in"
Me: laughing.. and thinking what are trash PANS? "Why do you need to stand in trash pans?"
Hubs: "For the torture."
Me: I just started laughing out loud! I couldn't help it
Hubs: waking up.. "What's so funny?"

So I told him what he said to me and he told me that he was dreaming about the book he was reading just before he went to sleep. It takes place in the future, so maybe trash cans will be trash pans several years from now. Now for the torture? I dunno what to say about that except he got the book out of the Sci-Fi section. I'm thinking not my kind of book? I think so.


Lindsey said...

That's so funny!! I have caught my hubs talking in his sleep and it cracks me up!

jen + ryan said...

that's hilarious! i've been told that i talk in my sleep, and that makes me nervous! hope i don't say anything dumb :)

Lil' Woman said...

Lol...Big Man was talking in his sleep last nite too..something about green, blue, and firefighter...i have no idea.

Adventures in Newlywed said...

Hahahaha, that is funny!

katie + bret said...

Oh man, I can relate to your husband - I talk in my sleep but even more I will hum and sing in my sleep and I cannot carry a tune to save my life!

Jon and Steph said...

Oh my goodness this make me laugh out loud! I am so sorry you can't sleep! That would be terrible. Jon takes Melatonin and it seems to help him. I hope it gets better soon!

I talk in my sleep too, but it's usually me screaming one word, Like apple or something weird.

Blondie said...

That's funny. My hubby talks in his sleep but I have a hard time understand what he is saying. I sure hope I don't talk in my sleep..ha.ha.

*kimmie* said...

NOT a stupid question! I didn't know there were checkpoints on the major Interstates either at each border! You have to declare any agriculture, animals, etc, and show you're not harboring any illegal people or things. Some states just flagged us through, Cali asked us to open the UHaul.

jlc said...


Cheryl said...

Your husband sounds like he's got some S&M in him.

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