Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thank You and a Happy Dance!

I would like to say a big

Thank You!!

to all of you that are excited about my new recipe blog! I think this will be a great way for us to share our favorite recipes together. Who knows, something you might find could be a staple meal in your family for years to come. I don't know about you, but I'm super excited!! I have already gotten in some recipes for Budget Meals (THANK YOU) and I am excited to post them. They all look so delicious! If you have a good idea for a meal on a tight budget, be sure to submit them as soon as possible, otherwise the theme will be changing soon! I put up a poll on the right sidebar of the recipe blog, so don't forget to cast your vote on what cooking theme you would like to see next! :)

Moving on, I had two tests today and they both went well. My first test was pretty normal, but I aced my accounting test!!! YESSS!! **happy dance**I was so excited while taking the test because it was just so easy, and that my friend is very exciting for me!

Sorry I don't have too much to report on tonight. I promise all of my posts will not be about the recipe blog, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who want to participate!


Cheryl said...

I wish I had known you in high school, and then maybe I would have passed accounting.

The Ratcliffs said...

Congrats on the tests! I'm still trying to think if I have cheap recipes or not...they might actually qualify for just quick and easy - I'm still thinking though : )

Lindsey said...

Congrats my smart friend!!

The New Mrs said...

A cooking blog? What a great idea! Going to check it out right now!

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