Friday, April 24, 2009

Answers to your Questions! Part 2

Welcome to round 2 of the Question and Answer posts! Let's just dive right in!

yours truly... asked:

What do y'all do in Dallas?
This question could mean a couple of different things. I'm just going to take a shot at answering this! We moved up here because we are both finishing school. Mr. D has a job as a computer technician and I am currently looking for a job again. When we are not working or going to school, we enjoy going out with friends, eating out, going to movies, the occasional happy hour, and board games. :)

Do you have other Dallas blogs you follow?
I love reading everyone's blog because they are all so interesting! Some people don't specify where they live, so I'm pretty sure I have probably forgotten someone! If I did it is not intentional! Let me know and I'll add you to the list! :)

Here is a list of Dallas blogs that I read:
yours truly...
Full Circle - she just moved from Dallas to California, but we still love her anyway! :)
Adventures in Newlywed
Josh in real life
Make Mine a Mojito
The Manhattan Transfer
The McCrady's
Off the Beaten Path...
The Branches
bghroman photo
oh and another thing...

Just to give a little shout out to the other Texas bloggers I read:
According to Ashley
Keeping up with the Jones'
Life @ the White House
Texas Couture
The Mathis'
The Ratpack
The Sims Family
I Pick Pretty

Wow, that was lots of links! Out of the two lists 6 of those blogs are IRL friends and 1 is family! :)

Favorite restaurant in Dallas?? (hard one, huh?)
Oh this is a tough one. Gloria's is definitely a fun place. Mr. D and I have gone salsa dancing there and had a blast! We also love Abuelos Mexican Embassy. This past weekend we went to The Original Pancake House with my mom, brother, and sis-in-law, and it was amazing!
I still have my fav restaurants back in East Texas though! It's hard for me to let them go!

Sarah @ The Ratpack asked:

What part of Dallas do you live in? Suburb, or city? N, S, E, or W?
I don't want to give away our exact location! I'm sorry! This blog isn't totally anonymous because I do post pictures, but I try to keep from using our names, current workplaces, where we live, etc.. You know.. just in case I piss someone off (just kidding)
Here is a very vague hint: draw a horizontal line through downtown Dallas.. we live North of that.

Where did you and the Mr. meet?
At work! When I was in high school I waited tables at the ever so awesome Cotton Patch Cafe! For those of you that have never heard of it, they are only in Texas and serve home cooking style food. During my senior year of high school, Mr. D got a job working there. The first day he walked in, I told my friend and coworker that I was going to date him! We started dating in February and that May I took him to my senior prom! awwwwww :)

Stay tuned for part 3 tomorrow! :)


Blondie said...

I use to live in Texas and I miss it. You are smart to no give too much info away..people are crazy these days.

The New Mrs said...

Hubby and I also met at work waiting tables :) Can't wait for part 3. Happy Friday!

The Ratpack said...

aww love it! There was a Cotton Patch in College Station, but I never actually ate there, I guess I need to try it! And Abuelo's omg yum!!

jen + ryan said...

crazy! i worked at cotton patch for a summer in college!

Trina said...

I will def. have lots of questions when I plan a trip to Dallas to see the Cowboys :)

take a look at my blog, there's a surprise for you!

*kimmie* said...

You should definitely check out Bread Winners for Sunday brunch. They have a few locations so one should be convenient for you. You won't be disappointed!

Lil' Woman said...

Yeah def. dont want to give away too much info..I live in Orlando but Orlando is pretty much a miles upon miles so good luck finding me.

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