Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dream Job?

So I'm sure you all know that I have decided to work again and have been looking for a job. It's hard to find a part time job that I can work a school schedule around. I sure do wish I was a nurse though.. there are 84637292 jobs for nurses!

Anyway.. as I was doing my daily browsing for a job, you know Career builder, monster, etc., I saw it! Could this be it? A part time wedding coordinator at a local bed and breakfast! OMG.. dream job! Haha..

I'm not sure if I am what they are looking for, but it is worth a shot! I am going to make an appointment tomorrow! I'm nervous and trying not to get over excited. It would be an awesome job because I do LOVE weddings! Hopefully after tomorrow I will have a better idea of what they are looking for. I just hope that it is something I would want to do.. better yet, that they would want me to do it!

Otherwise, I'll still be on the lookout. I put in some applications at the end of last week so maybe I will hear something soon. Wish me luck!

PS - thanks for all of the tv show recommendations yesterday and today! If I start watching them and suddenly they get canceled, please don't come looking for me!


Kaitlin said...

sending good thoughts your way. Do what makes you happy!

Erin said...

How exciting! What a great opportunity! Sqeaking of weddings and canceled TV shows, did you ever see 'Wedding Belles'? My work includes several bridal shenanigans each year, so I found it pretty entertaining!

Jon and Steph said...

Oh my goodness, that would be such a fun job! I hope it's definitely the job for you! Let us know how the interview goes!

H said...

That sounds like such a great job! Good luck, I hope it works out for you!

Blondie said...

good luck!

yours truly... said...

How fun!! I'll send good thoughts your way!!

Just curious, what kind of jobs would you be interested in??

The Ratpack said...

oh man, I'm sure it frustrating looking for jobs now. You will be in my prayers! And yeah. that's part of the reason why I'm going to nursing school - totally recession proof!

Good luck with the coordinator job, that sounds like fun!

Lindsey said...

Def do what makes you happy! Prayers and hugs!

Adventures in Newlywed said...

Good luck!

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