Monday, January 18, 2010

HELP!! Please :)

Hey everyone! I am still alive in case you were wondering. :)

I do have a problem that I would like your help with. Due to technical issues with this blog, I am going to have to shut it down. Sad, yes, I know! However, I am starting a brand spankin' new blog so I can join all of you in the blogging world again. YAY!!

The problem is that I have come to a creative block when it comes to my new blog. Normally I don't have any problem, but today I am completely stumped. I am at a complete loss for what to name my new blog or my domain. If you all could send me ideas, thoughts, words, or anything really that would help to get my creative juices flowing, I would GREATLY appreciate it! You can also email me a if you wish to do so.

PS - I think I am going to be switching to wordpress... I'm not buying my own domain or anything like that at the moment, but I am going to make the switch most likely. Any comments about wordpress would be helpful as well.

Thank you so much!! I've missed blogging and I can't wait to be back!


The Ratpack said...

So glad you will be back soon!

Good luck with the switch to Wordpress, I've thought about doing it, but have NO knowledge on it whatsoever! Keep us posted!

*kimmie* said...

Welcome back!!! Sadly, I'm no good in the creativity department when it comes to catchy names. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Lil' Woman said...

Welcome back....I was wondering where you went!
I'm not really good with names or took me days to figure out what I wanted to call mine.

Eve said...

Hi Kelli! My good friend at Aliya Rinaldi Designs is amazingly creative and totally designed my blog, which I love. She will totally hook you up!

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