Saturday, August 23, 2008

The start of something new

I need a place to put all my thoughts and opinions out there as well as a place to update my friends and family about what all is going on in my life.

So here it goes...

I feel pretty good and genuinely blessed as to where I am in my life right now. We moved last May into our new place and it's fantastic! Nice and quite with lots of big windows for the cats to enjoy. School is starting in two days which I have mixed emotions about at the current moment. I am getting excited about starting a new semester and getting back into the whole school scene. I have a pretty heavy load this semester and I am nervous about how busy it will actually keep me. All of my courses are senior level now and those tend to take up a greater amount of time, but I feel I am up for the challenge. Me and Mr. D are actually taking three of the same classes which are: History of World War II, Japanese History, and 2nd year Japanese. I am also taking Global Marketing which will just build off of the other global marketing course I took last semester. Hopefully there won't be any group projects... I hate group projects! It's just too difficult to get everyone together with their crazy work and school schedules.

Moving on.. work is great! We recently got a new branch manager, Juan, and things are already much better than they were. The overall morale of the branch has just gotten better and I can wear my flats to work again!! (Haha Dad, the shoe police are gone!) Work is getting really busy now that all the students have moved back into the dorms, and gradually each day that goes by things are getting back to normal. Normal being in school, lacking sleep, and basically all around craziness for everyone!!

What I am super super excited about is the new Lyrical Jazz dance class that I am taking with two of my best friends, Kruti and Madona! It starts September 2 and lasts for 10 weeks. I think that it will be fun as well as refreshing for the three of us. Finally we have a set time that we will all be together and we can release from everyday life to do whatever it is we will be doing. Leaping around the room perhaps.. :)

I go back to the neurologist September 9th, and I am looking forward to learning more about my head I guess. Since I went to the doctor in early August, my migraines have gotten 90% better I would say. They have decreased drastically and when I do get them, they aren't as bad as they have been in the past. I have to keep a headache diary for my doctor until I go see him again, and I am hoping that this will give him more information to how my body is working and what is going on when I have headaches so we can figure out the best plan for treatment. So lets just keep praying that things will continue to get better everyday as they seem to be!

All in all, we are doing great, and we have been enjoying our summer break. We have been frequenting the movie theaters on Thursday night to take advantage of the half off ticket prices for college night! :) The two of us get in for only $7 which is AWESOME!! We saw the Dark Knight in the theaters as well as on the IMAX (amazing by the way.. we both caught ourselves hanging on to our seats at times), Tropic Thunder, and Step Brothers all in the past couple of weeks. You know what Denton needs though... Putt-Putt Golf & Games!! I have gotten the urge to whack the ball around and there isn't anywhere to do it! On the flip side, we can get back into the rec center now that school is starting back so here I come workout! We had a nice little 4 day a week schedule going on and then summer happened.. but now I am ready to welcome all the pain and soreness back.

Well, I have much more to share but this seems to be pretty long now. I will try to post a few times a week but at this point I am not sure how much time school will allow. Either way, until next time!

Mrs. D


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