Saturday, August 23, 2008

Anniversary Trip

Mr. D and I decided before our 1st wedding anniversary came around that we would go on a trip every year to celebrate. Since we both like to travel and want to travel more, this was an easy decision to make. It's really the best gift we can give to each other.. making our own memories and sharing new experiences with each other. While we are in school, we obviously have a little bit more of a limited budget when it comes to traveling. Last year we went to San Antonio and had lots of fun on the riverwalk, going to the alamo, and the zoo! This year, our anniversary falls on a Monday, so we can go somewhere the weekend before (Feb 20- 22) or we have even talked about going the weekend before Spring semester starts in January (Fri 16 - Mon 19). We would get to have a longer trip if we went somewhere in January, plus not having to worry about homework or anything like that. So these are the time frames we are looking at, the only problem is that we haven't decided on where to go yet. We have talked about a couple of places but we haven't narrowed it down just yet. We can definitely drive or we can possible fly somewhere as long as it is a short flight.

Soooo... PLEASE HELP! Let me know of any suggestions you have about somewhere fun and affordable to go! I would greatly appreciate it :) Once we are done with school, we plan to take week long vacations for our anniversary and will have more time to even fly somewhere but until then we have to make due with what we have to work with.

Thanks so much!

じゃ、 また。 (See you later)


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