Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last Day of Freedom

So today was the last and final day of freedom before the fall semester begins. (sigh) At least the first few days of school don't really amount up to anything. Mainly it is just getting the syllabus, meeting the teacher, and trying to figure out if you will like the class or hate it based on how much homework you will be assigned. The other good thing about tomorrow is watching all the freshman walk around campus with the campus map in hand and trying to figure out which building is what. (They all look alike) Oh, and you better watch out for the driving too. There are one way streets all around campus and you just might get run over going to class because the freshman sure don't know how to drive! It's pretty hilarious actually! :) Tonight we got our first taste of school when we attended the 10th annual Mean Green Fling which is held every year the day before classes start. There was plenty of free food, live music, booths for all the different groups on campus, and people... lots of people! It was fun and me and Billy found a group to join, the Coalition for Older College Students! You have to be 23 to be a member so I am excited to meet lots of people our age that are in the same boat as us. We are actually all meeting up this Thursday so I'll report on that later this week.

I have started a new project that will be sure to keep me busy over the next couple of weeks. I am creating a wedding book through a company online (here) and will have it printed when I'm done. Not too sure when that will be at the moment but at least I have gotten started.

Not much else going on right now. I'm about to go get the backpack together so I can be prepared to get schooled :)


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