Monday, October 27, 2008

Intermural Volleyball Coalition Style

Team Record: 0-3
Sets Won: 3
Sets Lost: 6

We seem to have this pattern we keep repeating every game... lost first set, win the second, and then loose the third. But hey, at least we are being consistent!! We are having a good time and we have our next game tomorrow at 10:30pm. The team we are playing has a similar record to ours (I think they have won one game) so it should be a pretty good match. Who knows, maybe we can pull this one off. I've included some shots that were taken during a game to give anyone who is interested a look at how AWESOME we look sporting the Coalition Red! We at least look like we somewhat know what we are doing right?!?

So if you can't tell because the pictures are a little small, I am the one in the black knee pads playing on the front row and Mr. D is front center right in front of the net.

I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on the Coalition volleyball record because I know you are dying to know if we will ever win... GO COCKS!!


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