Monday, October 27, 2008

What's going on in Harlem?

So my uncle posted this on his blog and I thought I would post it on mine as well. It is quite humorous but very ridiculous at the same time. Please, have a listen before you continue anymore reading!

Howard Stern: Sal in Harlem

WOW!! Just listening to that makes you realize how uneducated the people in this country really are! Worst part about it all... these people allowed to vote for the next president of our country!!! I will say that I might not be as in tune as I should be, but I read the news and I keep up with the presidential race enough to know what is really going on. These people don't even know who Obama or McCain's running mates are! So please, read up and educate yourselves folks!! Find out what everyone is about before you vote.


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