Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Yay for Halloween!! I think it is such a fun holiday for everyone to enjoy in some way or another. Just being around town lately, I have run into a couple of kiddos here and there that are all dressed up and it just makes me smile. I remember when I was that young and I loved dressing up. Too bad I can't jump right back into the days when me and my best friend went out as a pair of dice!! Or the year that I went dressed up as a picnic table... OHH SCARY huh?! (If I can get my hands on a picture or two I will post them for sure!)

Mr. D and I went to the Coalition Halloween Party last night and had a pretty good time. Mr. D went as the Joker (obviously...) and I was a gangster. His costume was actually a little bit creepy because if any of you know Mr. D, then you know that his facial expressions are a large part in his personality. Well, last night that was all taken away. The face paint hid every eyebrow raise and his lips blended in with the "smile" so you couldn't ever tell what he was actually doing with his mouth.

The good thing about the party was that there was a costume requirement to come. Therefore we got to see lots of fun and interesting costumes. For example, this person above is Pee Wee Herman. Ohh yay for more childhood memories! He looks pretty good though right?? =)

The most creative costume of the night I must say was my friends peacock costume. She made the whole thing herself and it took about 3 weeks to make. She has around 50 real peacock feathers on her total. Her costume got the most attention while out walking around campus. I think my favorite comment from some random person walking down the street was, "Wow! That's a peacock! That's different!!" Haha... yes, yes indeed. She is a peacock, and a very pretty one at that! =)

We also had almost the entire cast of Scrubs in attendance. I do not watch Scrubs, so I have no clue what all of their names are. I know the guy drinking the apple martini, was J.D. and the "black" guy, was Turk. Other than that, I don't know who everyone else was, but I know they are on the show.

However, the funniest guy of the night had to be this guy! While we were hanging out on the front porch, we sent him out to the curb to see if he could get any drivers to stop and say hello. One car did slow down almost to a complete stop, but then suddenly took off once they got a glimpse of who they were stopping for. That was probably the most successful he got. We thought it was pretty hilarious!

(He told me this was his good side)

I hope you all enjoyed the photos! Have a very Happy Halloween!


Jeff and Kristina said...

Looks like you guys had a riot!

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