Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The General is Back!!

So while we were in town for the whole lot approval thing, (read previous post if you don't know what I'm talking about) we had some time to hang out at the ever so awesome McCann St Bar and Grill. Given that it is one of the only bars left in Longview these days, the decision of where to go grab a drink with some friends was pretty much made. Rather quickly at that! This doesn't happen too much with me and Mr. D. We like to ponder over all of our options for a while before deciding on the best place to go buttt... Longview doesn't seem to give you too many options for an exciting night life so you just kind of have to deal with what you got. Anyway, Mr. D's cousin Steve, one of our best friends Jay (aka Justin), Mr. D and I headed up to McCann St and we had a really good time. Oh, and this is important.. we reurned the "General" back to its rightful owner.You see this little blue guy Jay is holding in this picture? That my friend is the ever so sacred General which is Jay's good luck charm...uhh toy, man, whatever. It brings him good luck, or it is supposed to anyway. The last couple of times he brought out the General around us, well lets just say that his luck wasn't so lucky. We can save those stories for some other time though. Moving on with the story...
Mr. D and I have had Jay's General for almost a year now and when we moved this past summer, we packed him up with Mr. D's most prized possessions. Well, on December 4, 2008 the General was returned back to Jay and judging by the picture, I think you will agree with my by saying he was pretty excited to see the little blue guy back in his control.
Even Steve was happy to get a chance to play with this ever so awesome piece of blue plastic! And then throughout the night as we all played with the General for a while, Mr. D actually discovered that the General was in fact not a general at all. He is a police officer! Maybe that's why Jay didn't ever have much luck with this little guy because he was tricking him all along!!
So we all had a good time playing with this little blue guy while others looked on like we were retarded. Those people might be correct... after all, we all thought this police officer was an army general for the longest.

I know this little story about a piece of blue molded plastic is less than entertaining, but he has been the topic of many conversations over the past year and he always seems to come out when drinks are being passed around. He is Jay's good luck thing and I had these pictures to post and I feel like I had to say sometime about him. Otherwise it would just be a couple of pictures of everyone and this blue thing and no one would know what was going on. I'll try for a more interesting story some other time when it's not 1:30 in the morning. Goodnight!


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