Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Lake House

Early in December, Mr. D and I traveled back to East Texas to visit for a couple of days. We didn't tell anyone, except for my grandma, so it was a big surprise to my parents when they walked into Pizza King and saw Mr. D and I sitting there. I was SUPER excited about surprising my dad, and we were VERY excited to chow down on the best pizza on the planet. :) There isn't any good pizza where we live, so every time we go home, Pizza King is on the list of places to stop and eat. It was fresh, hot, filling, and delicious as ever.

After having a nice visit with my parents, we headed to Kilgore to get some rest before the big, exciting journey to Quitman, TX. Mr. D's dad was planning on purchasing a lot along the water at Lake Fork, and wanted our seal of approval. It seems like these days we are being asked for our input or opinion on major decisions. After all, according to Mr. D's dad, "this is going to be yours one day, so I want to know if you like it." So we drove out to Lake Fork to see this...
I think it's beautiful, peaceful, and COLD!!!! Haha! It would obviously be much greener (and WARMER) during the spring and summer months, but during the fall and winter months, well, everything looks a little dead.The wind coming in off the water was absolutely FREEZING!! I couldn't feel my body for the most part, but we managed to stay out there long enough to get the rundown of the place and to snap a couple of pictures.
This picture is one of my favorites. Mr. D and his dad freezing their butts off on the pier. I know they are father and son and have the whole name sharing thing going on, but GEEZ they look like the same person!! They even stand the same when they are cold... it's crazy... just crazy!!
Here is another one of my favorites from that day. I'm not really sure why exactly... maybe it's because you will hardly ever see Mr. D wandering through the middle of nowhere in East Texas. Let alone Quitman, Tx for that matter. I'm pretty sure that's why I hurried to catch this shot of my hubby because there probably won't be too many like this. :) He's more of the city type I guess you could say. After all, he does want to go live in Japan.

So anyway, we approved of the lot and sometime in the future Mr. D's dad will start having his brand new lake house built. It will probably be a couple of years, but we are still excited for him anyway.


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