Tuesday, December 2, 2008


That says Japanese skit in case you were wondering. Me and Mr. D had to do a skit as a final project for the course and the requirement was that we had to tell how to make something. Me and Mr. D decided to have a little fun with it and made a completely ridiculous skit... How to make a delicious deli sandwich which was actually a cat sandwich. It's pretty funny for a little 4 minute skit for school. To set it up for you, I am supposed to be a morning news show anchor and Mr. D, aka Chef Bob, is supposed to be this crazy chef that does a guest appearance on the show. You know how they always have people on in the morning cooking awesome food... well, Chef Bob is going to be that guy. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment telling me what you think!!


Jeff and Kristina said...

Ichiban! Oishi desu!

Did goat survive?

We especially liked Billy's many wardrobe changes. :)

Awesome job guys...highly entertaining.


Josh said...

Hey Kelli! It's great hearing from you, and thanks for reading the kaleidoscope of random thoughts that I call my blog.

You are clearly (1) a far better actor and (2) can speak far better Japanese than me. Kudos on the skit.

Have yourself a great Christmas as well,
- J

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