Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Fat Tuesday and a Workout Update

Yay, it's Fat Tuesday and I want some of this!!

I have been craving king cake so badly this year and still haven't gotten any!! I think I am actually going to make some today... or maybe make some king cake cupcakes! Doesn't that sound yummy? If it comes out alright, I will post some pictures.

A lot of you asked if I would keep you updated on how the daily workouts were going. Today will be day 3, but we have only done 2 workouts so far. We do our workouts in the evening because that is when we are both guaranteed to be at home. I must say that I felt a little silly at first working out to a DVD. It just seems a little cheesy to me, but I'm over that now.

The way the workout is set up is as follows:
- 2-minute warm up
- three 6-minute sections of the 3-2-1 system *more on this later
- 2-minute cool down
Totaling 22 minutes of your time everyday for 30 days.

It's really not that long when you think about it, and given the way that the workout is structures, it really does go by fast.

Now to explain the 3-2-1 system:
3 minutes of strength
2 minutes of cardio
1 minute of abs

Each 3-2-1 section is different, meaning that you will not do the same exercises during the 2nd 3-2-1 as you did during the 1st 3-2-1. To further break it down, during each set you will do 2 different exercises. So, during the first 3 minute strength section, those 3 minutes will be divided up between 2 different moves, then the same with the cardio, and then again with the abs. (ex. 2 minutes of cardio might consist of 1 min of jumping jacks and 1 min of butt kicks) Got it? I sure hope so.. I don't think I am confusing anyone, but everyone will read this differently, so who knows! If I have confused you or you have more questions about the DVD, please ask! I will be happy to answer any questions you all have.

The DVD has 3 different levels. You begin doing the level 1 exercises, and then whenever you feel comfortable, you can move up a level. I don't know how I will feel until I get further into my workouts, but my "plan" for right now is to do 10 days of each level. As of right now, I am EXTREMELY SORE!! I was really feeling the burn in my muscles while doing this workout, but it seems to be working. I have only done 2 days, but I can feel the muscles in my abs coming back and my leg muscles getting stronger. Mr. D is also doing this with me and it has helped having someone there to push you, as well as watch you to make sure the other person is doing the exercises correctly. I wasn't holding my arms right at one point and he made sure to correct me of that. Haha!

I got these from Mr. D yesterday for our anniversary! I LOVE getting flowers, and I LOVE tulips, so these obviously made my day! The color is so vibrant and brightens the room! (the pic doesn't do them much justice) They started to open up a little today :)

I hope you all have a great Fat Tuesday, even if you aren't in New Orleans! Don't forget to post any questions you have about the workout DVD!


The Ratcliffs said...

good job on the working out! Keep up the good work girlfriend!

Lindsey said...

The flowers are gorgeous!!! I hope you had an amazing anniversary! YAY for 2 years!

Ginette said...

Visiting your site....cute. Thanks for the workout info.

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