Thursday, April 2, 2009

Broken Blogger?

Dear Blogger,

I am very frustrated with you right now! In fact, I think I am downright mad at you. You see, it all started when you changed my cute little "Followers" box to this ugly Google Friend Connect widget that I do. not. like.

After the switch, for about one week it worked just fine. ONE WEEK! Now, I can't do anything! I try to follow other peoples blogs and when I click on the Follow button, a little window pops up saying:

"We're sorry...

We were unable to handle your request. Please try again or return a bit later."

Well, it has been a month now and I still cannot do anything with this stupid widget! It's not like it's the end of the world or anything, but it makes me frustrated that this has been like this for so long and there is no fix. Today when I logged in, I became even more frustrated because when I click on the link to view my followers, it tells me this:

An internal error has occurred

An unexpected error occurred while processing your request. Please try after sometime.

LOVELY BLOGGER!! Just lovely! I am tired of this not working right, so please fix it NOW!


You frustrated blogger

PS - Has anyone else had this problem? Do you know how to fix it?

Sorry for the rant, but I need some help... it's been over a month and that's not cool.

Edited to Add: This happens to me on any computer I try to use... and I have been on at least 4 different computers.


d.a.r. said...

When I have been trying to follow a new blog, it does that to me, too!!!! I am soo sick of this stupid new widget, I hate it!

I usually find that if I refresh it a bunch of times, it ends up working :)

Brittany Ann said...

I hate the widget aesthetically and technically! It's hideous and not user-friendly! I was having this problem, but when I cleared my browser cookies, it stopped. Don't know if that was coincidental or helpful on this end. I'm not that computer-literate. But hey, it's worth a shot!

Kaitlin said...

I have had many problems with it. I agree with d.a.r. keep refreshing, and e-mail blogger support.

The Ratpack said...

It's true, blogger can be quite annoying sometimes. I don't think I've had this problem, and if I did, refreshing apparently worked. Good luck with it : )

Lindsey said...

Yeah blogger can be annoying sometimes fo sho!

Blondie said...

I run into all kinds of problems with blogger but I don't know if it's me or the blogger. I am still trying to learn it all, so who knows.

jen + ryan said...

love your new look!!!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

Oh no! I haven't had any problems..yet! But I agree, I'm not a fan of the new followers widget!

Thank you so much for the comment! I needed that for inspiration - HA :) Now I'm pumped to see results too!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

P.S. I love your blog!! It's adorable! The header is super cute :)

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