Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's been a while...

since I posted last. So sorry, but life demands too much from me sometimes! I have been busy, so here goes...

Tailgating and the football game were fun even though North Texas didn't have a chance at winning. That's not what most of the students go to the game for. It was Mr. D's first time to go tailgating at UNT and it was a lot more than he was expecting I think. Basically there are booths EVERYWHERE.. they close off the street and the whole parking lot practically because all of the student organizations take over with the tailgating fun. You will see lots of things and meet lots of people. Here's a shot of some Mean Green Fun!

Josh (President of C.O.C.K.), Me, Mr. D

So moving on, I did get elected Treasurer of the Coalition and I will have quite a bit of involvement this semester. The first executive officer meeting is this week and we will plan the functions for the group for the semester. I think it is pretty exciting and I feel good about being involved with and organization like this... it should be fun! :) The group threw a party last Saturday themed "Rock You Like A Hurricane" which was fun. We were all hoping to actually get a chance to experience the hurricane not just drink some hurricanes. All Denton got were some sprinkles and a breeze... woot woot. Oh well though, maybe next time right??

In other news, my dance class I am taking with my 2 friends Kruti and Madona is SO FUN!! I am really enjoying dancing again and I am going to try to take one dance class every semester if my schedule will allow me to do so. I am pretty sore for 2-3 days after each class but I don't mind it too much. I am getting a good workout and it's nice to stretch and romp about again. The only downfall is that I have lost some of my technique since it has been 8 years since I have taken a dance class. I don't feel old enough to be able to say that but it is true. :( If only you could see the three of us attempting to be as limber and the younger girls in the class, I think you probably would laugh.

About a week ago I had my one month follow up appointment at the neurologist... pointless and a waste of $100! I didn't find out anything really, although I kind of expected it to be that way. Basically the doctor came in and said, "you are having less migraines and I didn't have to do anything." Which is good, but not $100 good... I already knew I was having fewer migraines, I didn't need him to inform me of that. According to my headache diary that I had to keep for the month of August, I had 2 serious migraines, 4 headaches, and 6 days with teeny tiny feelings in my head. This is a drastic improvement from the summer months, so YAY! I sure hope it keeps getting better and better.

Now for and update on school, I feel that I am too cool for school and that's about it. Haha.. basically it stinks and I am ready for Christmas break! Japanese class is still cool, but history... not so much. Period.

Well, this has gone on long enough now so I shall depart for bed time. I hope everyone has a good rest of the week and enjoy the awesome weather, I know I will. Goodnight!


Keeping Up with the Jones' said...

hey! you're pictures are so cute, you look the EXACT same, lol. that woman just blows my mind (mckmamma. she just seems to live her life just the way she wants. i guess i couldn't imaging her screaming fuck or something when she gets mad you know? and her kids are so damn adorable, i really don't even know this person. i just happen to stubble onto her blog, it's crazy in here! i could read peoples blogs all day. read the audrey caroline story, it's so so sad.i have a great week too and congrats on the election, ha! xoxo

Keeping Up with the Jones' said...

i was just reading my comment i left...sorry for all the mistakes!!! ;)

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