Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Blues

So I have been sick for a few days now and I am pretty sure I got Mr. D sick too. I am hoping that he doesn't get as bad as I was because this week needs to be a really good week for us. I've got a Japanese quiz tomorrow, a WWII history test on Wednesday, Coalition meeting on Thursday, a Japanese History test on Friday, and a wedding to attend on Saturday. There is just going to be a lot going on these next couple of days with all the laundry, work, and studying that needs to be done. I think I just might go crazy before the week is up!!

We got word this morning from my father-in-law saying that Mr. D's uncle had passed away yesterday. We don't really know any details except that he died and my father-in-law is now in South Texas to be with his family for a few days. He will be back in home by Thursday so he will be able to see us when we come in town for the weekend. I just feel bad for all the family down in the south because Hurricane Ike just came through and knocked out their electricity (which wont be back on for probably another week or so because they live in the middle of nowhere) and now they lost a family member. :(

On another sad note, I feel like my Goat has started to count down her days with us. She has started acting differently and these last two days she has seemed really distant. You know they say that when you have an inside cat they will most likely just run out the door when they are ready to go.
Well, here lately every time we come home she is at the door now and this afternoon she started making her way out until Mr. D was able to grab her to keep her in. I almost wanted to cry because I don't want to let her go. I wish there was just some way for me to know when it was time. Who knows, maybe I am just being crazy but I think about these things because she is a 14 yr old cat.

So... when we went to Target today I picked up some extra cat toys to bring home to maybe cheer everyone up and it went over quite well. Goat took a particular liking to the "mouse" and Fuzz and Timmy are enjoying the new mouse shaped laser pointer! The top picture was taken after Goat wore herself out playing with her new mouse friend. It was pretty funny watching her play because she doesn't play too much these days. I just hope that she is in a funk and will get out of it soon! She showed some life in her today while she was playing so maybe it will continue. :)
The picture above illustrates just how exciting a little red dot on the floor is! It's amazing to me how much fun cats can have with a laser pointer. Maybe next time I can get some video to post.

Anyway, I hope this week will go well with all the tests coming up! Please say a prayer for Mr. D's family as they mourn the loss of Uncle R. I hope everyone enjoys their week ahead!


Billy D said...

try not to worry too much about goat baby. if its her time, its her time, and you cant let the possible ruin the now.

Keeping Up with the Jones' said...

poor goat, i'm sorry kelly. well thank you so much for helping with my picture problem and you're right, it's really easy! i'm so sorry about your uncle-in-law. try not to stress too much, i think billy said it perfectly, xoxo

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