Friday, September 5, 2008

Nominations and Football

So this week has been pretty crazy so far. School has been packing on the homework and I just really haven't been feeling it too much today. After a pretty long day at work and a good two hours of Japanese homework, it was time to head out to the weekly C.O.C.K. meeting at Rip Rocks. We signed up for T-shirts tonight, which I am very excited about, and started nominations for officers. I was nominated by one of the original founders of the Coalition to be the treasurer. At next weeks meeting we will finish up nominations and vote for the officers so I'll let you know how it turns out. I'm not too concerned if I get it or not, I'm pretty cool either way but I was nice to be nominated I guess. This Saturday is the first UNT home football game and so the tailgating begins. The Coalition will set up at about 11am and the game doesn't even start until 6pm! However, we will not be there until around 4:30 when Billy gets off work. Anyway, it's the first home game and lets just say everyone seems to be pretty excited about it... whether we win or lose. We all know how "good" UNT's football team is but maybe this year we will do better. (I think we say that every year) :)

So are you ready for some football?? We are! I think Billy is still having mixed emotions about Brett Favre playing for the Jets though. I think it's funny, but now he has to keep up with the Cowboys for obvious reasons, Packers because that has always been his team, and the Jets because of Favre. Poor Billy... :)

Well, that's all for tonight I guess. Off to bed so I can wake up early to go learn.


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