Friday, November 28, 2008

Fuzz looks awful.. Ahem.. I mean AWESOME!!

My cat, Fuzz, looks totally ridiculous it's AMAZING!!

Let me explain...

You see, Fuzz was this cute, absolutely adorable, precious little fuzz ball sitting in a cage at Wet Pets N Critters some 4 years and 5 months ago. I fell in love with his cute face, his loud purring, his personality, his affection.

I fell in love with him.

So the decision had pretty much been made... by ME! I had to have him and we took him home. The End.

Yeah right! Oh how I wish that was the end of the story. Given that it's not, lets continue...

Fuzz was and still is great. He is everything I wanted in a cat and more probably. I wanted a cat that was spoiled rotten, adorable, playful, and completely obsessed with me. Hey, it's my cat and he can be whatever I want him to be right? Anyway, I was lucky and Fuzz turned out to be all of these things I wanted, and then he turned into this.

One big, giant, chunk, and I mean CHUNK, of fuzz. Looking at this picture he looks precious, but he won't ever let me brush him and gradually over time his undercoat started to become rather matted.

So there really was only one solution.

Let me present to you the most ridiculous cut you could ever give a cat, the lion cut.

He looks a little weird in this picture because his hair isn't perfectly even since it was so matted. It looks much better now that it has had a week to grow out some. I would not recommend grooming your own or anyone else cat for that matter like this. I agree with my vet that this choice of hair style for feline animals looks stupid, but we really had no other choice. So even though Fuzz looks completely retarded walking around our house, it's hilarious and fantastic at the same time!! I can't help but laugh at the poor animal every time I look at him. :) Now that he is getting used to his new hairstyle, he really seems to like it. He is actually feeling things he has never felt before and it's funny just watching him adapt to the new "do." At least now he can bathe himself. Yay!

So I hope you all get a good crack about my cat, because I sure did. Please feel free to leave your humorous thoughts or anything else you think about my cat! I think the best comment I have gotten yet is one from my brother when he said,
"He looks like he got a head transplant!"
Then there is always the comment from my grandmother,
"Well doesn't he just look awful."

My response...Yes, yes he does look completely ridiculous. Awful, no. Ridiculous, yes and I think its AWESOME!!! :) Ha!


The Mr. and Mrs. said...

Haha - Oh no! Your cat! I know it shouldn't be but that's a little funny! ;)

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